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Sports diving

For groups we conduct diving medicals. This service can be delivered at request in your diving school or in your diving shop (minimal 5 divers if exams on our location, minimal 10 divers if exams at your location, a suitable room with enough privacy and space is necessary).
No legislation exists in the Netherlands regarding the content of a sports diving medical examination.
Our examination program is more extensive than proposed by the Dutch Underwater Foundation (NOB) and is conducted by an experienced diving medical officer.

This is a focused examination aimed at finding disorders that present a danger for safe diving for the diver and his buddy.…..

Sports diving medical basic:
  • Focused questionnaire
  • Focused physical exam
  • Somatic profile: weight, length, body fat, pulse, blood pressure
  • ENT examination
  • Short neurologic exam
  • Report with exam results and international diving medical certificate(validity 1 year)
  • Time: approximately 30 minutes
Sports diving medical extensive:
  • As above with optional extra's:
    • Pulmonary function (spirometry)
    • Cardiography (EKG)
    • Fitness test
  • Time: approximately 45-90 minutes
Prices on request
Interesting group rates for diving schools/diving shops.

Candidates have to bring: medical history/medication (if applicable), dive log book, sport clothes and towel if a fitness test is requested.