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For OnSiteMedicalsBV a medical is more than a series of medical tests. We thoroughly discuss the results of the medical and present outcomes in a clear, printed report.
Naturally all our activities comply with the current quality standards, we possess the following registrations:

Registration Keeper Number/link
specialisation surgery
KNMG/MSRC M/H017/1061341
surgery BIG registry 99020145401
Diving physician B* NDC List diving physicians
Sports diving physician CD NvD SD0025308

We are also member of these professional organizations:
Dutch association for Surgery (NVvH) member
Dutch association for Traumatology (NVT) member
Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society (UHMS) member
European Underwater & Baromedical Society (EUBS) member
Dutch foundation for diving medicine (NvD) member
Below the button "Links" you can find more information about these organizations!

For all our activities we use physicians with ample experience in surgery, diving- and hyperbaric medicine as in medicals and health consultancy. They received additional training in ergometry (fitness testing), cardiography (EKG's) and spirometry (pulmonary function).

OnSiteMedicalsBV feels it is very important to deliver a good product, that's why:
  • All our medicals comply amply with al known directives (medicals for professional divers according to EDTC/HSE directives)!
  • We have an extensive network with contacts in our field of expertise (second opinion, foreign medical certificates)!
  • We use a database for storage of your test results, in case of repeat medicals or medical problems we can find your results quick and send them by E-mail or fax to a specified location!
  • We pursue an open communication with our clients, we will respond to all your questions, comments and remarks!
  • We try to be a dynamic company that adapts to wishes of our clients and changes in the market!
*Legal framework
Since January 1st 2004 it forced by law to have a yearly medical for all professional divers.
This is a direct result of the new European legislation and directives for professional diving
(see also:: ) .
These diving medicals can after January 1st 2004 only be performed by registered diving physicians category A and B.
Diving physicians category A can only do repeat examinations and diving physician category B can perform entrance and repeat examinations.

OnSiteMedicalsBV works only with diving physicians category B.