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Hyperbaric & Diving medicine

On demand we perform consultations, accompaniment and second opinion in the field of hyperbaric and diving medicine.

Accepted indications for hyperbaric oxygen therapy by the European Committee for Hyperbaric Medicine (ECHM) and Dutch College for Care Insurances (CvZ) are:

  • decompression illness
  • wounds caused by radiation injury
  • bone inflammation caused by radiation injury
  • bowel ulceration caused by radiation injury (radiation proctitis and radiation enteritis)
  • bladder ulceration caused by radiation injury (radiation cystitis)
  • diabetic foot ulcers (DFU)
  • skin- and muscle transplantation with circulation problems

We will respond to all questions in the field of hyperbaric medicine. Treatment will often be instituted after referral at the Institute for Hyperbaric Medicine (IVHG) with residences in Arnhem, Hoogeveen and Rotterdam.

In case of decompression ilnesses or physical complaints after diving we can advise and
- if necessary - refer for treatment, that will often be instituted at the Diving medical Centre (DMC) in Den Helder.
After a diving accident or decompression illness we can advise as to the future fitness for diving.

For professional divers we can offer a second opinion in case of an "unfit to dive" verdict after medical examination.

Prices on request.
As indicator we charge € 25,= for consultation (maximum 15 minutes).